Surf City’s Unique Approach

Markets go up and they go down in Cycles of various length.  Cycles are but one of theTA tools in Surf City’s tool box.

In addition to Bressert Cycles, Surf utilizes; the classic Edwards and Magee TA approach plus Weinstein’s Stage 4 model to best determine the stage of the longer Cycle.  This is critical as as longer cycles dominate shorter ones.

Surf’s charts also make use of Andrew’s Pitchforks and Price Channels help you visualize trends and potential resistance that Surf is watching. Wrap these tools all together and you have a unique blend of Market Analysis to help identity Cycle Turns.

It’s good to know when the Surf is up…  😉


Norvast is a civil engineer, owns a civil construction company located in a remote part of Australia adjacent Uluru (Ayers Rock). He is an avid follower of the 18-22 year Real Estate and Banking (Credit) cycle for stocks and the 30 year cycle for commodities. These cycles have been analysed … Continue reading →

Surf City

Surf City is 60-year-old retired Information Technology Executive and Software start-up Entrepreneur living near the beach in California.   He has been an active investor and trader since the mid-1980s. Analytical by nature, his sound investments over the years allowed him to retire at a relatively early age of 55.  In … Continue reading →