Norvast is a civil engineer, owns a civil construction company located in a remote part of Australia adjacent Uluru (Ayers Rock).

He is an avid follower of the 18-22 year Real Estate and Banking (Credit) cycle for stocks and the 30 year cycle for commodities. These cycles have been analysed in depth by Homer Hoyt and Phillip J Anderson, Kondratieff and Akhil Patel.
While these cycles outline the broader approach to investing over the long term, and set the road map for the future, based on the past, we need to narrow down the smaller cycles contained within those long term cycles.
Surf City, with his knowledge of Walter Bressert’s Cycle Analysis and his unique fork analysis gives us an intimate look at these shorter term cycles with regard to both price & time.
Norvast employs some of WD Gann’s timing techniques plus his own unique Fibonacci triangulation (particularly to gold) to hone in on potential important turn dates to give the trader an “edge”, so that they may position themselves accordingly, and maximise profit from the trade.
The combination of these two methodologies based on time & price within the cycle adds a whole new dimension to successful trading and/or investing.”


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