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  1. Been working with Tim Woods material as well as Hadiks. So i am very familiar with cycles and the added dimension they bring to tech analysis. What I like about surf is you bring the analysis down to the trading vehicle level and are giving me ideas about opportunities I wasnt previosly following. Look forward to some really good trades. Hadik looking for a 3 of a 3 in gold later in the year. That will be the fun one and maybe a retirement maker. Would love to see text alerts from surf. Have you thought of that.

  2. Is it possible to produce a single comprehensive table for all gold/spx/natgas/bonds/coffee etc to show for example TC3/ day 15/ swing high day 13/ etc and updated every weekend. I am creating this table myself from your posts but I am somewhat lazy and a little overwhelmed and afraid to get it wrong and was wondering if you would do this for the members. A nice snappy summary of your best guess where we are on all markets you follow.

  3. Hi Surf,
    I have read the introductions to Cycles that you have provided but is there any more info available that you could point me to vis-a-vis Right Translated cycles pls?
    Kind regards,

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