Weekend Reading on What and Why — 2 Comments

  1. Fascinating for sure Surf, as is your comprehensive analysis

    This website is stunning and will be a MUST for serious Investors going forward.

    I am convinced that without good cycle analysis we cannot maximize out reading potential

  2. Thanks so much Surf, it is nice to have all the pieces of the puzzle when trying to get the thing figured. Very informative and it makes sense, one wonders what can be trusted when reading articles now. So now the one thought that crosses my mind is if Armstrong’s analysis is compromised and the move is swift as longs get liquidated in the USD, making more money for the masters? Did he cut a deal to get out of jail? Still disturbing how his ordeal played out though, to be held with no habeas corpus, one really considers the validity of the justice system. Reminds one of the gulags where people just disappear.

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