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  1. I have signed up for your service and find your articles in the public space but have not received any of your articles since I signed up is
    there something I’m missing – do I not receive emailed articles despite my subscription?

    • Hi Gdbtoby…Looks Like Surf Missed this question

      TC1 2 3 4 are acronyms or Trading Cycle 1 2 3 4 ( also know as DC 1 2 3 4 ( Daily Cycles)

      There are 4 to 6 daily cycles which make up an intermediate cycle in any market

      The length of these daily cycles varies by market. That’s why we need Surf


  2. I know you can’t cover evreything but would you consider adding coffee using the symbol JO .
    The reason I like this commodity is that it has had a multi-year sell off and is rock bottom. Is this location something like a 7 year low. New member.

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