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  1. Hi Surf. I am pleased to be a new subscriber. I utilize 4 different services, and yours is the second cycle service. Please note that I check in from 2 different locations, from my day job, and in the evenings and weekends from home, but never at the same time. It is only me utilizing your services. Tnx in advance for your work. You make it easier for investors like myself.

  2. Hi Surf City, I read with interest your post yesterday about UPRO….I looked at the chart for UPRO over the last 3 years and I think UDOW might be a 3X ETF you could consider for the U S Stockmarket (the DOW in this instance)..from back of the envelop figures it looks like UDOW was up about 5.75 times in 3 years compared to 3.88 times for UPRO. I was glad to see from your post that you aren’t bearish on the US Stockmarket.

    • EOLS was not a portfolio trade but I am very bullish on it longer term. I did bail on it on 2/19 late in the session, however, when it closed below the 10ma. In general, a close below the 10ma usually signals a move into a TCL. My plan is to buy it back at the next TCL, hopefully near support at the 50ma or 200ma ($18 to $20)

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