Gold DCH Projection — 14 Comments

    • I am certainly not a seller as I believe there will be considerable more upside in the third daily cycle.

      If the weekly cycle is right translated I will probably hold and hedge against downside until the ICL.

      If you read some of my early posts it will explain that I entered my positions very early based on the long term commodity cycle.

      As Surf points out in his post above we are trying to identify major cycle lows and those that present the best buying opportunities.

      It is then a case of monitoring those cycles but in the case of gold and miners I think there is significant upside over a longer period so I am happy to hold through short term downside.

  1. Norvast is sleeping now and will likely answer later today. I will give my sell signal in real time during the trading day, likely when he is asleep and never make the call solely based on Time. I do keep his turn date projections on my Financial calendar as a guide as one factor but look at many other technical factors and price channels when I make my calls.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Some stop runs in individual miners over the past couple of days in what is an uptrend.

    AEM and PASS, for example, were hit hard over the last couple of days but I can’t find any news.

    Unless something has fundamentally changed at these two miners, this looks like a stop run to steal your shares.

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