USD Update — 3 Comments

    • Great Question, The short answer is that we are now in the latter part of my Timing Bad for an IC Low here. But this is where it gets tricky as the longer IC Low coincides with a shorter Trading Cycle Low. We are in day 15 for the USD and my timing band is 18-24 days but they can sometimes run longer or shorter. Nothing is exact in markets, that would be too easy.

      So based on were we are in both the longer and shorter cycle, we will likely see the ICL with the next TCL BUT there are two other “outlier” possibilities in play:

      1) Should the USD close above the 50ma and my Red IC downtrend line — this would indicate that the last TC Low was the ICL (not my current analysis).
      2) Should the USD move lower as I expect and make a lower low but not break my IC Trendline — this would indicate another two possibilities:
      a) This would still be an ICL or
      b) We might get one more follow on Trading Cycle that fails quickly and breaks the line.

      This last scenario “b” would be the best of all as it would give the USD more Time to move lower and Gold to move higher.

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