Gold Bull or Bear? Elliot meets Bressert — 5 Comments

  1. For the bear count, I do think it is possible we completed A down and are currently in B up – possible we bounce soon to complete the c wave of B up (which should go higher than the 2016 highs), before finishing the bear market with C down. Sorry, don’t have a chart annotated but just wanted to throw that out there as a possibility.

    • Ridedesert, You are correct that this is another EW possibility that I have seen on several EW sites. Their are also Fib levels to watch on that potential “C” high that can validate/invalidate that scenario.

  2. As I see it, current conditions constitute a perfect storm for an impulsive move ladting into the fall. I am fully loaded here… a little bit of dry powder left for last entry in the next few days. MUX a good candidate…

  3. Is possible you add EW in your all cycle charts. I see EW leads for subjectivity but I see it objectively if added with your cycle analysis.

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