Gold versus Bitcoin BTC — 2 Comments

  1. And Gold is outperforming SPX so it’s a win-win!

    Have you considered the possibility that Gold hosted a stealth DCL a few days ago? I’m starting to think that GDX did on Aug 15th, and it has been behaving much more like a grown up for the last few days. Maybe Copper too. Same day. Otherwise this Daily Cycle is getting very extended, and in Copper’s case, not really exhausted at all.

    • Tundrascott, Copper is on day 7 of a new Daily or Trading Cycle but it is also closing in on 4 months of its current Intermediate Cycle in early May so it should be getting very close to topping here. For Gold, we may have seen a TCL/DCL today but I want to actually see a higher high in the metals and the Miners, especially the miners…

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