Market Watch

Sitting back watching the election returns on the TV while watching the Futures market on my laptop.

Just amazing how Gold and Stock futures twitch every time a news station projects a state for either Clinton or Trump.  Clearly Stocks will soar and Gold will tank if Clinton wins and the opposite if Trump pulls off an upset and that is why the futures market is so twitchy (at least in the near term).

I took profits on my DUST positions over the past two days, perhaps a bit early but…

I remember the Brexit vote very well as I was massively short the stock market along with a huge UGLD position going into that vote that most every pundit and Poll said would fail.

What a hey day Brexit was.  

If Clinton wins, as all the polls indicate, there will be time to buy back my DUST positions (at higher prices) but If Trump wins, Gold will surge and DUST will be crushed. Interesting that Martin Armstrong’s computer predicted the Brexit vote passing and that same computer is predicting a Trump victory.

Not predicting a Trump win at all but just booking profits before what could be a surprise to many. You never go broke booking profits early… ?

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