NatGas ~ new Trading Cycle?

Added: A second chart on NatGas after the close.  Time for a TC Low is very short here but my chart shows a Fractal where we likely had another short cycle.  In any case, the price action looks bullish to me and I picked up a Boil position just before the morning NG Inventory report at 7:30am PST (a bit of a gamble but it paid off as Price surged afterward).

NatGas may very well have found an early Trading Cycle Low.  My charts show that NatGas and UNG are both above the 10ema today so lets see how they close.

I have NatGas with a potential TC Low on just day 12.  The previous NatGas Trading Cycle was a long one, however, and often times long cycles are followed by short ones (and vice versa).  Here is a UNG chart showing the close up action.

NatGas Cycle

The current short term NatGas Trading Cycle has found a high on only day 5 and has now made a lower low than its previous TC Low which is bearish for its longer, unique 11-13 week Cycle.

My second chart shows this 11-13 week cycle that I have been tracking since March when we may have seen the Bear Market Low.  I am showing that the current 11-13 week cycle has topped on week 4 thus far.  If the pattern holds, we may see 3-4 weeks of downside action even if we get a bounce.